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Chart 2 - The Donkey Chart

Vowels, short and long

Once it is clear that the short vowels are understood the chart below may be introduced.

Care must be taken to ensure the reading and spelling of these words is secure before proceeding further.

In this chart Dr Duffy's radical approach leads to a ready understanding of the five vowels, both in their short (open) and long (closed) forms.

Click on the chart below to download a copy.

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The donkey chart enables full use of the eye and ear, leading to an understanding of the reading and spelling of words such as complete and statement.

The reason for doubling the consonants in words such as fitting and swimming is presented visually, as is the reason for the necessity for just one consonant in hiking and smoking.

The chart above is particularly useful for people who can read fairly well but whose spelling skills are poor.

See The Manual for full details of the proper use of this chart.

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